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Giving back is a vital part of a full and rewarding life. Nothing is more fulfilling than using your skills and passion to contribute to the qualify of life of others in need within your own community. Throughout the country, ASG has become synonymous with sewing acts of kindness.

Anti-Ouch Pouch by Deon Maas

The Anti-Ouch Pouch is a pillow that hangs from the shoulder, fitting snugly under the arm to cushion the area after breast surgery or during radiation treatment.The wedge shape gently holds the arm away from the body when the user is standing. The strap holds the pillow in place without having to use sore arm muscles to “clutch” it.The strap is adjustable and the fiberfill may be adjusted via the overlapped opening.


T.A.G. Bag

The Blanket Project

Another project coming soon

Painted Turtle Pillow


iCare - Intensive Care for the Spirit

Another project coming soon

U.S. Troops Drawstring Bag

Another project coming soon

Another project coming soon


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